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Total P.C. Protection

Did You Know?

a) 90% of all PC issues alert you before disaster strikes

b) Keeping your software updated can reduce your likelihood of infection or intrusion

c) You should change your passwords periodically (industry standards are...at least 8 characters long with 1 Upper/Lower Case Letter and Alpha/Numeric values)

d) 97% of all infections are Malware, Adware, Spyware... 3% are actual viruses. Malware, Adware, Spyware will log your keystrokes, steal your passwords, observe your browsing choices, spawn pop-up windows, send you targeted email, redirect your web browser to phishing pages, report your personal information to distant servers, and serve up pornography

Take control of issues that arise with your PC environment with Total PC Protection

Our Total PC Protection plan delivers a daily early warning system for problems on your Desktops, Laptops, and Servers by checking/managing:

a) Physical Entities - Harddrive, Memory, Processor, Motherboard, Laptop Battery, CMOS Battery, Graphics Card, Power Supply

b) Software Entities - Operating Systems, All Major Software Brands (IE...Microsoft Office)

c) Infection Detection/Managment - Most Major Anti-Virus Brands, Hacker Detection

d) Asset Management - Major Software CD Keys, Make/Model & Serial #'s for phyical hardware

Tota lPC Snapshot

You will receive daily email reports for your protected PC, on everything from errors to infections. You get a unique customer login ID, which allows you access to your own monitoring dashboard, so you always have instant access to the status of your workstations and servers.

Total PC Protection comes with a 10% service discount through Copious Technologies, for both remote and on-site support for any problems that occur on a currently monitored PC or server. When we call you, telling you that our monitoring software has detected a problem, you will receive top quality repair service at a price exclusive to you, a member.
Additionally, please consider our Managed Anti-virus, powered by Vipre. This would add Anti-Virus information to your daily email reports, including scans, threats, and quarantine. This also sends our technicians reports from your Virus-scans and definition updates, allowing us to have current information and react to an alert regarding an infection.
Please review our plans below, and click "Buy Now" to purchase the plan you choose. All payments are taken through PayPal and must be reviewed. Upon review, a representative will contact your listed email address with installation instructions. Please allow up to 24 hours for your purchase to be reviewed.

Have more than 3 computers? Call us for volume pricing! (888) 9COPIOUS

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Desktop/Laptop Monitoring (Monthly)
$19.99 (Without Managed Antivirus)
Desktop/Laptop Monitoring (Monthly)
$22.49 (With Managed Antivirus at $2.50/month)
Desktop/Laptop Monitoring (1 Year) 
$219.89 (Without Managed Antivirus)
12th month free - Save $19.99
Desktop/Laptop Monitoring (1 Year) 
$244.89 (With Managed Antivirus at $25/year)
12th month free - Save $19.99 + $5 off Managed Antivirus
Server Monitoring (Monthly) 
$37.99 (Without Managed Antivirus) 
+ $14.95 One time set up fee
Server Monitoring (Monthly) 
 $40.49 (With Managed Antivirus at $2.50/month)
+ $14.95 One time set up fee
Server Monitoring (1 Year) 
$417.89 (Without Managed Antivirus)
+ $14.95 One time set up fee
12th month free - Save $37.99
Server Monitoring (1 Year) 
$442.89 (With Managed Antivirus at $25/year)
+ $14.95 One time set up fee
12th month free - Save 37.99 + $5 off managed Antivirus
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